Move Daily

Moving daily is vital for health. You don’t always have to break a sweat to call it exercise. Exercise is not for weight loss rather exercise is for strength and stability.  Exercise will help bring balance. Exercise is movement with a purpose. It should be specific to your needs and be done consistently.

When you have chronic health issues, like I do, exercise is the hardest part of regaining your health. Read here about one of my health conditions. It can often bring on a flare that will last days. That in turn becomes incredibly discouraging. 

That is why we have to change our definition and attitude toward exercise. Focus on moving daily. Be intentional and know even five minutes is better than nothing and will help you build strength, even endurance over time.  When I was first diagnosed with Fibromyalgia my doctor said it was important to walk daily. He said to start walking five minutes a day and work up from there. That the key was to be consistent and increase the minutes as I could. I did just that and I truly believe it has made a difference.

Let’s change our perspective of exercise and see what happens.  Let’s do physical activity regularly. Let’s do it to build strength and stability. Let’s do it in a way that we will enjoy and want to do it more.

What do you enjoy?  I enjoy walks, hiking and gardening.  That is how I get my exercise in.  The key is to do these things regularly, daily if possible. On my bad days I get on the treadmill for five minutes. Five minutes may not be much but something is always better than nothing when it comes to managing chronic illnesses. I am also finding due to a recent diagnosis that I have to spend some extra effort in building and maintaining strength and muscle in my legs and arm/shoulders.