Do It Now Or Pay For It Later

Do it now or pay for it later. Like a credit card, your body will eventually collect on the debt you owe it. I’ve been there when so many are nervous and scared about a diagnosis. 😥 I have often been the first to know. Though it always takes a biopsy to give a patient definitive answers, specific diseases and cancers have particular characteristics that we can see before ever opening a person up. I’ll be honest; it is hard 😕to be straight-faced and not give my patients answers they so desperately want right away while my heart is breaking inside for them.

The hardest part, though, is knowing the reason they are experiencing their ailments is because of choices they are making in life. 🙈 I know that sounds harsh, but it is a reality. Fatty liver disease, diabetes type 2, and many other illnesses are a direct result of the things we have been doing., usually without much thought.

I so desperately want people to understand two crucial things.

  • 1 – Nothing will change unless you change something every day.
  • 2 – Diets don’t work. Lifestyle change works.

Number one is why number two doesn’t work unless you know you can do it every day. I don’t know about you, but I am never going to be able to commit to never having that piece of Chocolate or that delightful bowl of pasta. Be honest, doesn’t the thought of having your favorite things taken away from you make you sad?

A few years back, my husband decided to do a diet his doctor recommended. It required only raw or steamed vegetables, no seasonings or dressings of any kind, specific fruits, and a small amount of unseasoned chicken. He did great on it. He lost weight, and several issues cleared up. He felt great. In fact, he said he felt better than he had in years. Then while the kids and I were eating tacos, he declared that he was done. He said he would rather be sick and die an early death than never to have tacos again. He then proceeded to eat tacos with his family and enjoyed himself very much.

I was saddened and thought, how could he say that, do that?! But the truth is we all do exactly that every day. Why? Because it is the small everyday things like meals with our family and friends that bring life joy. Expecting your family to do things so strictly is just not reasonable, and honestly, it is not likely they could maintain it. They may not have the same desires you do.

We have all been there, thinking, not me, not now. The choices you make now, though, are affecting you now even if you don’t know it yet. Lifestyle, not a diet, is what it takes. So eat clean🍏, move daily🚴🏻‍♂️, pray often 🙌🏼, and love much! ♥️ 

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