Real Talk: It All Matters

Real Talk

I have a confession to make. Some days are just rough! As anyone that deals with chronic pain or illness knows the weather and some situations can wreak havoc on our body’s. Sometimes it seems we have no control over our bodies. The change of season, extreme heat, extreme cold, additional stresses of the season are all triggers we really have very little, if any control over.

Then to add to it, these changes add to the challenge of sticking to the routines we so desperately rely on to maintain our health and mental well-being. I personally find it harder to stick to my intermittent fasting routine when company is in town or special events are going on. To be honest I don’t want to say no to the piece of cake or the glass of wine with friends. And then there are those times we just let our internal negative talker get the best of us and we lose focus. We have all done it. I have done it.

When these things happen and we lose focus or just get distracted. It is important to remember you still have control and if you have control you can change this situation. When we stop thinking we have control over our own bodies is when we no longer do. There may be some things in our lives we can do nothing about but it is so important that we not lose control over everything.

After a year and a half of intermittent fasting, cbd, limiting my exposure to triggers, maintaining weight loss and just feeling better I let up. I indulged and I just didn’t care for almost a month. I also relaxed on how much of the cbd I used. The result was I felt horrible.

I know it sucks to have chronic illness and or chronic pain. There may be nothing that can be done to change that reality but I also learned I don’t have to let it take away my joy and sense of well being. It can and often will get worse if we don’t actively support our bodies with proper food, exercise, and rest. So what’s the point of all this?

It ALL Matters!

I learned that I have to do intermittent fasting because it controls my exposure to foods that cause my MCAS to flare. By controlling my MCAS I control my dysautonomia. It also helps my digestion and thus I sleep better, also helping my dysautonomia and overall health. I also have to not run out of and maintain my cbd usage. I have to take what I know works to help manage my pain. Trying to save on it only made my issues worse. 

The fact is I have to be vigilant EVERY DAY! 

My attitude matters.
What I eat matters.
When I eat matters.
What I supplement with matters.
How much and the type of exercise matters. 
How much rest I do or don’t get matters.
How often and how much cbd I use matters.

By acknowledging that it all matters and being vigilant to the things I have had success with I am able to not let my chronic illness become a jail sentence. I hope you don’t let your health become a jail sentence either.

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