Health is a Commitment not a Trend

Health is a commitment not a trend.

No truer words. It is hard work made that much harder when you have lost your health.

I know that my health issues are a result of many things I personally have no control over. hEDS and MCAS can not be dieted away! No amount of weight loss or exercise is going to change that. It is a hard thing to accept when every doctor’s appointment the first thing you hear is “you need to lose weight.”

The truth of the matter is weight is often the symptom of the problem and not the problem itself. Hormonal imbalance, specific nutrient deficiencies, to much stress all can and most often do contribute to weight gain or the inability to lose weight at all. Focusing on finding YOUR balance is where the change and improvement in health begins. I wish more doctors understood this but 2 hours of training in nutrition just doesn’t give that knowledge base to them.

However, that doesn’t mean my diet, exercising and other healthy habits won’t help improve what I’m are dealing with. I personally have found that eliminating meat helps. Specifically, red meat and pork. Intermittent fasting helps. Focusing on a whole food plant based diet helps. CBD helps. And moving daily helps.

I am now trying to transition to include no salt, oil and sugar, otherwise known as SOS. Honestly, I don’t see myself being 100% SOS free but maybe! When I started Intermittent Fasting I never thought I could go 16 hours without food and now I do OMAD most days, happily. Less salt, oil and sugar though will no doubt bring about even better results.

I never thought I would have accomplished what I have been able to this past year and half. The changes I have made though have made such a big difference in how I feel that I think it is worth continuing in this direction.

When I look at these photos I am amazed at the difference. When you have a chronic illness you can feel like you are never making progress but these images prove that sticking to a healthy lifestyle does make a difference. The first image was in 2014 the second was in 2018 and the last picture is me in 2019. Follow me on this journey. I will be sharing tips, tricks and all things big and small that are helping me naturally.

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