Six Facts to Get Control of Your Healthcare

When I started my education into my chosen career field as a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer my favorite class was Human Anatomy and Physiology.  I was in awe of the complexity of the human body, how much it could endure despite the daily onslot thrust upon it by our own decisions, and yet how simple the requirements were to keep it healthy.

I decided to go into the healthcare field because of my personal experience with a horrible doctor. It was important to me to help others get answers they are desperately searching for with more compassion than was showed to me. I was also determined not to be at the mercy of another doctor. I had endured so much pain, was seeing this doctor every few months, and never getting answers or real help. No longer would I blindly trust a doctor without verifying the accuracy of what they are telling me. When I finally did get the answers, he was angry at me. I can only assume it was because he realized his gig was soon to be up.

I take great pride in my degree in Health Sciences and three registries in diagnostic medicine. It took a great deal of determination and sacrifice to get it. I have worked in the healthcare field for several years now. After my initial experience that lead me into the healthcare field and now the difficulty I have had getting my own new diagnosis in recent years I am just a bit disgusted with what I’ve seen and experienced.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen patients in tears, with serious issues that needed emergent care, only to see them sent home or back to a doctors office instead of the ER. I have also seen patients that have a diagnosis that is not life threatening being sent to the ER and admitted for more tests because of the profit that could be made from that patient. It is on days like this that I have been ready to walk away from it all and the idea of starting a blog to help others help themselves sprouted in my mind and heart.

The following are six facts to get control of your healthcare and when armed with this knowledge will allow you to take protect yourself and those you love.

The facts are:

  • 1-Your doctor is not going to have time to do anything more than address 1 or 2 issues at a time. So if you have multiple symptoms plan on your care being a very long process through the traditional health care system.
  • 2-Your doctors hands are being tied by the insurance companies. The insurance company will dictate what tests they run and when.
  • 3-Most doctors are dreading their work day as much as you are yours. It’s a job and not much more to many of them.
  • 4-If you have something unusual or out of the norm, you better become your own best advocate and learn as much as you can about your symptoms and possible conditions.
  • 5-You need to learn to speak up for yourself. Don’t be afraid to speak up and fight for yourself.
  • 6-The best thing you can do is take control of what you can when it comes to your health. •eat clean •move daily • pray often •love much •intermittent fast •supplement with cbd •take a high quality liquid vitamin🌱♥️🌱♥️🌱♥️🌱♥️

I hope you can take this information to help you weed out the good from the bad doctors. I promise you there are good doctors out there you just have to find them. Use it to take control of your own health. Even if you have a genetic condition, like I do, the EMPL principles can make a big difference in the quality of our lives and health.

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