EMPL: What is it?

EMPL: What is it? E is for eat clean, M is for move daily, P is for pray oten and L is for love much. The four pillars to a holistic lifestyle of balance.

E is for Eating Clean.

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What we fuel our bodies with is the foundation of our health. Without proper nutrition our body cannot do what it was created to do, take care of us. We truly are what we eat. Everyone has different needs so what is clean for one may not be for another. Think peanut allergy. I want to encourage everyone to learn your body’s needs. Learn to listen to your body’s cues and clues.

In order to gain maximum health, focus on the foods your body thrives on and eat them in the cleanest, purest form you can. Implement intermittent fasting because the reality is no one needs to eat as much as we have been told. The body does not need 6 meals a day to increase metabolism. What it needs a break. Most importantly when you do eat enjoy it with those you love.

M is for Moving Daily

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Exercise is not for weight loss rather exercise is for strength and stability.  Exercise will help bring balance.

Say What?!  That is right exercise is not for weight loss.  You may lose weight if you go about exercise in a way that does not over stress and burden the body however, if you do over burden and stress your body too much it will hold on to every pound and then some.  

Let’s change our perspective of exercise and see what happens.  Let’s do physical activity regularly, let’s do it to build strength and stability, let’s do it in a way that we will enjoy and want to do it more.

What do you enjoy?  I enjoy walks, hiking and gardening.  That is how I get my exercise in.  I am also finding due to a recent diagnosis that I have to spend some extra effort in building and maintaining strength and muscle in my legs and arm/shoulders.  Follow me on Instagram @eat_move_pray_love to see some of the exercises I will be doing to improve my condition.

P is for Praying Often

The struggle is real but so is God

I could not endure the trials life throws at me if I did not pray. My relationship with my God Jehovah (Psalms 83:18) is one of the most important relationships I have. God wants us to have a relationship with him. (James 4:8) He encourages us through the scriptures to supplicate him with prayers of thanksgiving and let our petitions be known to him. (Phil 4:6) I wish to encourage you to build your relationship with God. Pray but also listen through his word the Bible.

My faith is the foundation of my beliefs and the principles I do my best to live by. I am not perfect. You are not perfect either so lets focus on simply doing our best each day in our lives.

L is for Loving Much

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Love is what motivates and helps us endure all the rest of the things.

Wouldn’t you agree that love is what helps us enjoy life and love gives our life meaning. What are we without it? Empty, right!

So what I want to do today is encourage you to love yourself first. Love yourself enough to feed it in best possible way beginning with eating clean. Food is what nourishes the chemistry lab called our body. Learn to love moving and strengthening your body. Believe that prayer and meditation will give you the fruitage of the spirit being love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Galations 5:22,23)

When you do all all these things you will feel better, think clearer and will find peace within yourself and by that you will find that the love you have shown yourself will overflow into the lives of those you love. You will be able to love everyone so much more.

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